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Announcing the 3-for-2 Challenge

Free trio analysis highlighting reduced coverage performance; results delivered at ASHG '13

August 26, 2013

Let Us Show You How to Reduce Sequencing Costs

RTG's core technology now makes sequencing a family economically viable. To demonstrate performance, we sequenced to 60X average coverage the exomes of a trio and took the entire pedigree into account when producing variants for the offspring. We then sequenced the two parents to 30X while holding the proband at 60X, and compared the differences. What we found was that RTG delivered 99.92% concordance in calling variants in the proband, and accurately genotyped the two parents to greater than 99.5% sensitivity each, despite having their coverage reduced in half. The results demonstrate the ability to save considerable reagent costs on family-based sequencing, and have important implications on childhood disease outcomes. Now, you can have us prove it to you!

For a limited time, RTG is inviting customers to participate in the '3-for-2 Challenge'. RTG will analyze your trio data under both full and reduced coverage settings, returning results free of charge! Submit samples by October 15th, and we will deliver results at this years ASHG Conference in October in Boston, MA. To apply, please send us a note with a description of your samples and what constitutes a successful analysis of the data, and we'll get in touch. 

The '3-for-2 Challenge' offer has now closed.

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