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RTG Unveils Beta Program for Population Analysis

August 12, 2013

After a year of development, RTG has released a Beta version of its population analysis product! rtgPopulation can use information from large sample sizes in one of two ways: 

Joint Population Analysis - all individuals from a large project are analyzed simultaneously, reducing the coverage required per sample while delivering accurate results significantly faster than alternative methods.

N+1 Analysis - a single individual is analyzed against a backdrop of prior information generated from a population dataset. This approach can save time and money, but rtgPopulation is able to maximize the utility of available prior information to improve accuracy.

For a limited time and as part of our Beta program, RTG is inviting customers to let us analyze your population data for you and return results free of charge! Submit samples by September 15th, and we will deliver results at this years ASHG Conference in October in Boston, MA. To apply, please send us a note with a description of your samples, the goals of the experiment, and what constitutes a successful analysis of the data, and we'll get in touch. 

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