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Real Time Genomics Introduces RTG v2.0 Sequence Data Analysis Software

New software offers sequence alignment up to two orders of magnitude faster than currently available methods, with greater sensitivity and accuracy.

June 21, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, California - Real Time Genomics today announced general availability of the RTG v2.0 sequence analysis software, delivering a foundation for deep genomic analysis.  Organizations that apply RTG v2.0 software to their pipelines can immediately and materially reduce data processing requirements, and focus scarce bioinformatics talent on projects that bring differentiated advantage to their organization.

RTG v2.0 software includes sequence search and alignment functions for read mapping and protein database search that are based on patented pattern search technology from Real Time Genomics.  This technology enables accurate paired and single end gapped alignments with the sensitivity and accuracy required to meet rigorous scientific standards, at speeds significantly faster than currently available methods.  With protein database search, processing speed was shown to be two orders of magnitude faster than BLASTX.

The product's flexible tuning controls enable investigators to pursue experiments that require the highest levels of sequence alignment sensitivity, such as that demanded by cross-species mapping.  Additionally, extensive filtering and reporting options for ambiguously mapped reads allows the precise use of those reads that align to multiple locations on a reference genome, either removing them for sequence variant analysis or using them to detect structural variation.

"I'm proud to introduce the first sequence analysis software that addresses the need for accurate gapped alignments with both speed and sensitivity," said Graham Gaylard, CEO of Real Time Genomics.  "With RTG v2.0 software, our customers will see immediate speed improvement in their variant detection and metagenomics data production and analysis pipelines, without sacrificing their rigorous scientific standards."

RTG v2.0 software can be licensed in packages that target different applications - read mapping, variant detection, protein search, and metagenomics.  The variant detection package provides easy-to-integrate data analysis functions specific to the requirements of resequencing pipelines.  These include a Bayesian SNP caller, a coverage depth reporting tool, and a copy number variation analysis function that compares the ratio of read coverage depth between a test and a base genome. 

Technical support is available at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, which allow for different response requirements.  Additionally, organizations that license RTG software and contract for Gold level support are eligible to participate in the Real Time Genomics Early Access Program.  This program gives leading investigators a six month head start with new technology that can lead to relevant and timely research breakthroughs.

Background Information
Computational analysis is the fundamental bottleneck of high throughput sequencing data production and analysis pipelines. Today's high throughput sequencing systems produce gigabases of short read sequence data each day, driving demand for large scale genomic investigations.  This data deluge challenges organizations to provision and manage appropriate computing capacity, hire and retain excellent bioinformatics staff, and advance the science of computational biology that adds unique value in genomics research.

Real Time Genomics, Inc.
Real Time Genomics offers solutions for deep genomic analysis to researchers who use high throughput sequencing technologies.  These solutions include RTG sequence analysis software for read mapping, variant detection, protein search and metagenomics applications.  Patented pattern search technology from the company enables accurate gapped alignment with a unique combination of speed and sensitivity.  Real Time Genomics is a private, San Francisco based company backed by investment from Catamount Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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