Real Time Genomics develops analytical solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of extracting knowledge from raw genomic data. We deliver validated, accurate results that are redefining personalized medicine.

Childhood Disease

For customers interested in identifying potentially causative rare variants underlying a disease or trait, RTG delivers accurate genome analytics by integrating familial relationships during the analytical process.

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Infectious Disease

The combined ability to perform compositional analysis along with variant and strain identification has created a powerful approach to studying infectious disease in a hospital setting. RTG enables a comprehensive pathogen identification and epidemiological discovery platform that saves time without sacrificing accuracy or clinical utility.

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Complex Disease

Real Time Genomics delivers the ability to jointly analyze large case v. control and population scale research projects accurately and efficiently, calling rare variants at low minor allele frequency with high sensitivity.

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Cancer Research

The sequencing of tumor and normal tissue from cancer patients is transforming our understanding of therapeutic approaches to oncology. The complexity of cancer mandates an integrated approach to somatic mutation identification and transcriptome analysis that can scale the growing knowledge base being accumulated.

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