Improved evaluation tools


January 27th, 2021

Real Time Genomics are pleased to announce the availability of new releases of our full analysis suite, RTG Core, and our utility package, RTG Tools.  This release includes several new features and commands, along with the usual assortment of minor features and bug fixes. Several of these result in command line arguments or changes to program outputs, so check existing scripts for compatibility before upgrading. Larger features of note:

  • Several improvements to vcfeval, which now includes the ability to match variant calls of non-diploid genomes and to output additional ROC stratifications, including user-defined custom JavaScript stratifications.
  • A new command vcf2rocplot for aggregating and regenerating ROC information from one or more vcfeval annotated evaluation outputs. This is particularly useful for aggregating results from multiple samples or re-evaluating with respect to different score criteria or stratifications.

For more information including downloads, see the product page for RTG Core or RTG Tools.